Over 45 Years of
Industry Experience

For nearly five decades, Sound Fighter® Systems (SFS) has been a pioneer in the sound wall industry via innovative services and products, beginning with it’s original LSE® Absorptive Noise Barrier System — a fully sound-absorptive, high-performance, cost-competitive outdoor noise barrier. With an ever-broadening product line, professionals from many different industries and applications recognize the solutions offered by SFS exceed expectations time and again, upholding a trusted reputation that has lasted for more than 45 years.

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Our Technology

The LSE® Noise Barrier System, offered exclusively by SFS, is the go-to noise reduction tool of Acoustical Engineers & Consultants, DoTs, Developers, Architects, Oil & Gas Companies, Manufacturers, and Contractors around the world.

If you are in need of a proven, highly-effective outdoor noise barrier, the LSE® System has no equal. Contact SFS and we will help you resolve your noise problems quickly and effectively.

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Benefits of Sound Fighter® Systems’ Absorptive Noise Barrier Products

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What’s so special about our Absorptive Noise Barriers? It’s difficult to find other sound barriers that reduce noise as effectively (on average 15 – 20 decibels), are competitively priced against other top-performing outdoor acoustical products, and last for decades before they need major repair or replacing.

In addition to being effective, our sound barriers can be modified to meet the custom requirements of a number of different applications. We provide non-residential noise barrier solutions. We can modify your custom sound walls to include:

  • Doors for personnel to enter and exit
  • Swing gates to allow access for vehicles
  • Acoustic louvers that allow airflow to important equipment
  • The ability to mount on existing walls
  • Wide selection of standard colors, as well as custom color-match
  • Special cutouts that allow piping or conduit to pass through
  • Mobile deployment for situations where you need temporary sound barrier walls

Sound Walls Successfully Reduce Noise in a Variety of Situations

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When you think of noise barriers, you typically picture the large walls running between subdivisions and apartments and busy highways. But, these noise barriers actually work successfully in a number of different applications.

Regardless of the reason you need to reduce noise, Sound Fighter® Systems possesses the ability to help you get the job done with our absorptive sound walls. We’ve helped a variety of clients reduce noise levels per their specific requests with our various Noise-Absorbing Noise Barriers, including clients in the following situations:

  • A pipeline company with a noisy compressor station near a residential area
  • A high-end commercial developer needing to block noise from nearby residences
  • A Florida transit authority increasing traffic near a high-end residential neighborhood
  • A large west coast Public Works Department needed to reduce noise in a natural gas transmission facility affecting its own buildings nearby

Regardless of the type of noise barrier you need or the occasion for which you need it, Sound Fighter® Systems has the ability to provide you with an effective solution.

Regardless of the type of LSE® noise barrier you need or the occasion for which you need it, Sound Fighter® Systems has the ability to provide you with an effective solution.

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